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Pyrotec™ Series

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Dulux  Powder Coatings has a range of stock and made to order heat resistant powders called Pyrotec™ HR (Heat Resistant).

The range includes Pyrotec™ HR180, Pyrotec™ HR250, Pyrotec™ HR350 and Pyrotec™ HR500.
The  Pyrotec™ HR series are by nature low gloss finishes but can be formulated so that they appear smooth or textured and special effects such as metallic are also available.
Pyrotec™ HR180,  Pyrotec™ HR250 and  Pyrotec™ HR350 are heat resistant powder coatings designed for application requiring continuous service temperatures of 180°C, 250OC and up to 350°C respectively, while maintaining physical integrity, gloss and colour.
Pyrotec ™HR180 and  Pyrotec™ HR250 and  Pyrotec™ HR350 are ideal for barbecues and barbecue fittings, wood stoves, commercial lighting fixtures and automotive components.
Pyrotec™ HR500 is a heat resistant powder coating developed to withstand extreme service temperature of up to 500oC whilst maintaining its physical integrity.
Pyrotec™ HR500 exhibits a hard wearing, serviceable finish and is available in a limited range of decorative colours that is suitable of internal and external use.


Pyrotec™ FR is a powder coating that is suitable for use in areas where fire protection is important as it reduces the spread of flame, smoke and fume generation in the event of fire.
Pyrotec™ FR is suitable for interior and exterior applications and has excellent resistance to chipping or scratching.
Pyrotec™ FR powders was developed in the United Kingdom in response to demands for coatings suitable for use on naval frigates, underground railways stations and public environments including schools and hospitals.
Pyrotec ™FR has approvals from the UK based Warrington Fire Research for compliance to British Standard BS476.
Pyrotec™ FR is available on a made to order basis and can only be applied by registered applicators.
TM Pyrotec is a trademark of DuluxGroup New Zealand PTY Ltd.


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