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Kulorthene -WSAA recommendation

Australian Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) recommendation (PA 1427) for Kulorthene Abcite  X60/1060 Dark Blue.


Kulorthene Abcite X60/1060 Dark Blue has been in use in the water industry throughout the world for many years. Approval to AS / NZS4020:2005 – Testing of Products For Use In Contact With Drinking Water dates back to 2011 and compliance with all the requirements of AS/NZS 4158 was attained in 2013.


Kulorthene Abcite X60/1060 was submitted to WSAA, the Water Services Association of Australia, for their appraisal. We are delighted to confirm Kulorthene has been recommended by WSAA to its members and associates as an acceptable coating for application to valves and fittings for use in the water industry. This recommendation enables many manufacturers and applicators in Australia and New Zealand to use Kulorthene on their products with confidence of industry backing.


Kulorthene ® is a registered trademark of Dulux Powder Coatings NZ.