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Dupol™ is a polyester grade powder coat suited to outdoor exposure on a variety of substrates.

Dupol™  is especially suited to situations where a high gloss finish is desired,  and/or where a high distinction of image (DOI) is desired.

Dupol™ Polyester has a multitude of possible uses over varied substrates from steel to aluminium. Examples of the application of this chemistry includes bicycles, garden tools, lawn mowers, industrial transformers and heavy equipment, architectural finishes and automotive components.
Dupol™FPG is a polyester casting grade powder coat suited to application to porous substrates such as galvanised steel and castings.
Dupol™ FPG has been developed specifically to assist in the degassing stage associated with galvanised surfaces. If the galvanised surface is not properly prepared, the surface will release gases during the stoving process which can cause “bubbles” in the top coat of a conventional powder coating.
Dupol™FPG has been developed to not only allow the out gassing to occur, but also allow any bubbles which are formed in the molten coating to break and heal prior to the gel point.
Dupol™ FPG is equally appropriate for use on galvanised steel to minimise the problem of bubbling. In most cases, the use of Pacificgold Dupol™FPG allows the degassing stage to be eliminated.
Dupol™ FPG is available in New Zealand as a made to order, or there is a range of colours held in stock in Australia which can be made available in New Zealand.
TM Dupol is a trademark of DuluxGroup New Zealand PTY Ltd.

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