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Copol™ is a range of polyester epoxy powder coatings and is recommended for use in applications where resistance to general chemicals and reasonable hardness are required.

Copol™ powders are used extensively in shelving for supermarkets and industry, for tap-ware, automotive sub components and appliances.

The combination of polyester and epoxy resins gives rise to descriptions as “hybrid” and modified epoxy. Hybrid powders are the most common powder coatings used in the world given their all round use in metal finishing. The epoxy resin gives the chemical resistance and physical hardness whilst the polyester resin provides some ultra violet resistance important for items exposed to the sun through windows.

The Pacificgold® Copol™ range includes some of the popular standard colours but otherwise can be made to order in a wide variety of colour and finishes.

TM Copol is a trademark of DuluxGroup New Zealand PTY Ltd.

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