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Crystal™ Clear

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Crystal™Clear is a high gloss, water white clear powder coating ideal for finishing of metal parts, be they solid, metallic – over powder coatings or baked paint systems.

Pacificgold Crystal™ Clear is a low cure system which means it can be applied to a host of metals including brass which tends to tarnish if uncoated, and tarnish if baked on traditional powder coat settings.

Pacificgold Crystal™ Clear is used extensively for finishing on metallic coatings such as aluminium extrusion, panel work, alloy wheels, bicycle frames, automotive components and so on.

Pacificgold Crystal™ Clear has very good ultra violet light resistance so it is suitable for use on furniture and frames exposed to continuous sunlight. Pacificgold Crystal™ Clear is equally suitable for high traffic locations such as hand rails and balustrades that are subject to handling and scuffing.

™ Crystal is a trademark of DuluxGroup New Zealand PTY Ltd.

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