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Formulated to meet:ASNZS 4020:2005, ASNZS 4158:2003 ISO 12944-6cat C5m and lm3, ISO20340 cat C5, SNZTS 3404:2018-TECI coating system


Approved for use by Watercare, WSAA, AsureQuality


Kulorthene is a functional range of coatings which offers superior corrosion protection to metal even in the toughest of applications.

Kulorthene can be applied to a film thickness of 300-500um in a single coat process. This leads to increased output efficiencies when compared to multiple coats system.

Kulorthene not only helps the environment by reducing corrosion, it is solvent free and therefore reduces the release of VOCs into the atmosphere.

Kulorthene is flexible which provides the coating with excellent impact resistance properties. This flexibility ensures that the coating will not crack or flake on impact.

Kulorthene is a virtually maintenance free coating that can be used in temperatures from minus -100C to 80C. This makes it ideal for exposed areas of high corrosivity where maintenance is not desired or unable to be carried out.

Kulorthene has been independently approved to meet the performance requirements of the world’s harshest environments as detailed in ISO12944. Approval to Category C5m confirms Kulorthene effectiveness for corrosion protection in Offshore and Marine exposure.


  • Anti Corrosion Functional Coating
  • UV Resistant
  • High film build, 1 coat process
  • Solvent Free
  • Flexible and impact resistant
  • Smooth Glossy appearance


Markets where Kulorthene is used include

Marine and Offshore
Steel infrastructure
Water pipes, valves and fittings
Agriculture & Dairy Industry

Kulorthene can be used as a primer when applied in conjunction with Duralloy, Duratec and Electro powder coatings. This system provides the corrosion protection of Kulorthene with the extensive colour range of Duralloy, Duratec and Electro.

Kulorthene ® is a registered trademark of Dulux Powder Coatings NZ.

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