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Dulux Anti Graffiti® 912 is a thermosetting  powder coating formulated to resist most forms of graffiti. The film properties that allow graffiti to easily remove also imparts high levels of scratching, abrasion, and UV resistance. The additional investment in this coating is easily off set by the reduced maintenance costs and longer life of surfaces prone to the graffiti artist.

Dulux Anti Graffiti® is recommended for used on public transport, street furniture, signs and playground equipment where graffiti is most prominent. Dulux Anti Graffiti® has been used on projects including the Great South Pacific Express and Telecom New Zealand phone boxes.

As projects for Dulux Anti Graffiti® are colour specific, it is a primarily a made to order product, however, White and Clear are available ex stock.

® Anti Grafitti is a trademark of DuluxGroup New Zealand PTY Ltd.

Armourspray ®AP is a highly detergent resistance epoxy-based powder coating designed for use on substrates typically exposed to constant contact with chemicals.

Armourspray® AP is resistant to temperature changes and cleaning chemicals experienced in many appliances.
Armourspray® AP is ideal for applications such as white good appliances. Other examples of use for this powder range includes hospital equipment bedding, toys and catering equipment.
Indeed any items that demand good chemical resistance with an attractive finish for indoor use should consider Armourspray® AP.

Various grades of  Armourspray® AP meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for contact with food and drugs. This product is made to order and can therefore be tailored made to customer demands for colour and finish.
Armourspray® VC is a fusion bonded epoxy powder coating designed for use on steel substrates typically exposed to constant contact with moisture and or harsh chemicals.
Armourspray® VC is resistant to extreme temperature changes and the varied effects of weather and other influences of the environment. The fusion bonded epoxy system is ideal for applications such as water meters, hydrants and fittings, pipes & valves.

When applied by registered applicators,  Armourspray® VC powder coating ensures a sealed surface without porous areas which inhibits corrosion and the formation of corrosion products. By specifyingArmourspray® VC, the working life of the chosen steel casting is improved.
Armourspray® VC is suitable for use in contact with potable water and is independently approved to AS/NZS 4020 ( see download)
® Armourspray is a registered trademark of DuluxGroup New Zealand PTY Ltd.


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